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Purchase of DataLab

DataLab is available either as a one-year license, or as an unlimited permanent license. In both cases software updates will be free of charge, you simply have to use the update command in DataLab.

Permanent License
Unlimited license. You may use DataLab without any restriction as long as you want. This includes free updates for 1-year after purchase.
239 EUR
Updates of an Older License
This brings your existing license up to date if the free update period has expired.
119 EUR
Free Research License
A special offer for students and researchers: you'll receive an unlimited license for free if you use DataLab in your research work and if DataLab is referenced in a publication describing your studies. If you are interested in taking this offer, please write an email to and describe briefly what you are intending to do with DataLab.1) You'll then get a free One-Year-License which will be upgraded to a free permanent license when you send us a copy of a publication (PDF or scan of the paper) where DataLab is cited2) and you are one of the authors of this publication (a maximum of two licenses per paper are provided).

DataLab is distributed on-line via the Epina Online Shop (payment options are credit card, pre-payment, and Paypal). Companies and public authorities having a valid EU tax number may order by sending a PDF by eMail. They will be billed by us.

1) Free licenses are provided to members (employees, students) of research facilities only. Please specify the university or company you are working at and provide your work-related email address. The license will be sent to this address.
2) Only publications subject to peer reviews are accepted (no books, no conference proceedings). The reference to DataLab has to contain at least the URL of the DataLab Web site ("").