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Color Arrays

The following table shows the color arrays defined in the unit SDLColors. The color array "MorgenStemning" has been designed to support users suffering from red-green color perception deficiencies1):

Name Declaration Colors
ColorArray_Geo1 ColorArray_Geo1: array[0..10] of TColor = ($00DED2BD, $00639F63, $0089BA88, $00A7CFAD, $00C5E5D2, $00CBF1F5, $0096CEEA, $006CAED8, $003586BD, $00426594, $00F0FAFC);
ColorArray_Geo2 ColorArray_Geo2: array[0..10] of TColor = ($00DFAE7F, $00DEB68C, $00E3BE9B, $00E2C9AD, $00DCCCBB, $0090BBAC, $0099C9C6, $00A4D7DA, $00A1C8DA, $009AB6C5, $0096ACC8);
ColorArray_Geo3 ColorArray_Geo3: array[0..10] of TColor = ($00FF8A2B, $00FF9C43, $00FFAF61, $00FFCA89, $00F9D1A8, $004AA885, $005DCAC2, $0074EDF4, $006DC7F4, $005F9CC0, $005685C7);
ColorArray_Rainbow ColorArray_Rainbow: array[0..10] of TColor = ($00400020, $00800060, $00EF1200, $00F56E00, $00FFF400, $0000FF18, $0000F6FF, $0000C1FF, $000013FF, $0000008D, $00000040);
ColorArray_Circle array[0..6] of TColor = ($000000FF, $0000FFFF, $0000FF00, $00FFFF00, $00FF0000, $00FF00FF, $000000FF);
ColorArray_Contrast array[0..15] of TColor = (clBlack, clBlue, clGreen, clRed, $0080FF, clGray, $404080, clFuchsia, clNavy, clLime, $c5cd18, clTeal, $FF0080, $41e1EE, $800080, $8000FF);
ColorArray_MorgenStemning array[0..6] of TColor = ($00000000, $004E2F0E, $00742880, $00711BC2, $004C61EF, $002AFBFF, $00FFFFFF);

1) M. Geissbuehler, T. Lasser: "How to display data by color schemes compatible with red-green color perception deficiencies.", Optics Express 04/2013; 21(8):9862-74

Last Update: 2014-Aug-13