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Common Measurement Units

Identifier Value Units             Description
uc_Angstrom 1.010-10 m length unit used when dealing with atoms
uc_Btu 1.05505585262103 J (kg m2 s-2) British thermal unit
uc_Calorie 4.1868100 J (kg m2 s-2) calorie
uc_CanadianGallon 4.5460910-3 m3 Canadian gallon
uc_Carat 210-4 kg carat
uc_Day 8.64104 s day
uc_Fathom 1.8288100 m fathom
uc_FluidOunce 2.9573529562610-5 m3 fluid ounce
uc_Foot 3.04810-1 m foot
uc_Footcandle 1.076101 cd sr m-2 foot candle
uc_Footlambert 1.07639104101 cd sr m-2 foot lambert
uc_Hectare 1104 m2 hectare
uc_Horsepower 7.457102 kg m2 s-3 horsepower
uc_Hour 3.6103 s hour
uc_Inch 2.5410-2 m inch
uc_KmH 2.7777777777810-1 m s-1 kilometers oper hour
uc_KilopoundForce 4.44822161526103 kg m s-2 force in kilopounds
uc_Knot 5.1444444444410-1 m s-1 knots
uc_mmHg 1.33322368421102 kg m-1 s-2 millimeter mercury
uc_Mil 2.5410-5 m mil (1/1000th of an inch)
uc_Mile 1.609344103 m mile
uc_mph 4.470410-1 m s-1 miles per hour
uc_NauticalMile 1.852103 m nautical mile
uc_OunceMass 2.834952312510-2 kg mass of an ounce
uc_Pint 4.7317647300210-4 m3 pint (of Irish beer ;-)
uc_Point 3.5277777777810-4 m point (printing)
uc_PoundForce 4.44822161526 kg m s-2 force in pounds
uc_PoundMass 4.535923710-1 kg mass in pounds
uc_Poundal 1.3825510-1 kg m s-2 poundal
uc_Psi 6.89475729317103 kg m-1 s-2 pounds per square inch
uc_Quart 9.4635294600410-4 m3 quart
uc_SecondsPerDay 86400 s seconds per day
uc_StdAtmosphere 1.01325105 kg m-1 s-2 standard atmosphere
uc_Texpoint 3.5145980351510-4 m Tex point
uc_Therm 1.05506108 kg m2 s-2 1 Therm = 100,000 BTUs
uc_TroyOunce 3.110347510-2 kg troy ounce
uc_UkGallon 4.54609210-3 m3 UK gallon
uc_UkTon 1.0160469088103 kg UK ton
uc_USGallon 3.7854117840210-3 m3 US gallon
uc_Week 6.048105 s week in seconds
uc_Yard 9.14410-1 m yard

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20