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Declaration:property DataContainer[idx: longint]: TpcChartItem

Drawing primitives (also dubbed "chart items" in this help file) such as lines, marks, text labels, etc. are stored in a dynamic array of the type array of TpcChartItem. The array of chart items is accessible via the array property DataContainer. The index of the array may take values between 0 (the first element) and NumItems-1 (the last item).

Hint: With release 8.0 of the SDL Component Suite the data model of POLCHART has been changed from a linked list to the dynamic array DataContainer. This switch to an array based storage has several advantages, one of them being direct and quick accessibility of the chart data. The data can be accessed simply by addressing the array property DataContainer. A drawback of this change is the increased storage requirements (factor 3 on the average).

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20