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Dependencies among SDL units

Several of the SDL components/units depend on some other SDL units. The following list shows the dependencies among the SDL units. Units which are required but are an integral part of BDS, Delphi or C++Builder are not listed.

Unit Package     requires
SDL_BoxPlot ChartPack SDL_DataTable, SDL_Math1, SDL_Matrix, SDL_RChart, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl, SDL_Vector
SDL_CData ChemPack none
SDL_CForm ChemPack SDL_CData, SDL_Math1
SDL_ChemGrph ChemPack SDL_CData, SDL_CStruct, SDL_Math1, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_ColorScale ChartPack SDL_SDLbase, SDL_sdlcolors, SDL_scale
SDL_Colsel GuiPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_sdlcolors
SDL_Complex MathPack SDL_SDLBase
SDL_CPUID BasePack SDL_DStruct, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl
SDL_CStruct ChemPack SDL_CData, SDL_CForm, SDL_FileSys, SDL_Math1, SDL_Math2, SDL_Matrix, SDL_Streams, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_DataTable MathPack SDL_FileSys, SDL_Math1, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Streams, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_Dendrogram ChartPack SDL_DataTable, SDL_Math2, SDL_Matrix, SDL_Scale, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_SDLColors, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_DStruct BasePack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_FileSys BasePack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Streams, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_FolderTree GuiPack SDL_FileSys, SDL_Stringl
SDL_Fourier MathPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_Gauge ChartPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_sdlcolors, SDL_Scale
SDL_GeoAtlas GeoPack SDL_GeoMap
SDL_GeoDB GeoPack SDL_FileSys, SDL_Math1, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl
SDL_GeoMap GeoPack SDL_DStruct, SDL_FileSys, SDL_Math1, SDL_Math2, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Streams, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_GradFl GuiPack SDL_SDLBase
SDL_HtmlLab GuiPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_SDLColors, SDL_Streams, SDL_Stringl
SDL_HtmlSupport BasePack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Streams, SDL_Stringl
SDL_Kohonen MathPack SDL_Math1, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Streams, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_MarkSel GuiPack SDL_SDLBase
SDL_Math1 MathPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_stringl, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_Math2 MathPack SDL_DStruct, SDL_FileSys, SDL_Math1, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_SDLColors, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_Matrix MathPack SDL_Math1, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Streams, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_Meter GuiPack SDL_SDLBase
SDL_MiniCal GuiPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLColors
SDL_NTabEd GuiPack SDL_DataTable, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Streams, SDL_stringl, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_NumIO GuiPack SDL_Math1, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_NumLab GuiPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_math1
SDL_OnOffBut GuiPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Math1
SDL_Openarrays MathPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Univconst, SDL_Stringl
SDL_Plot3D ChartPack SDL_Math1, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl
SDL_PolChart ChartPack SDL_Math1, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_ProgBar GuiPack SDL_SDLBase
SDL_RasterLab GuiPack SDL_SDLBase
SDL_RChart ChartPack SDL_colorscale, SDL_DataTable, SDL_Math1, SDL_Math2, SDL_Matrix, SDL_Scale, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_SDLColors, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_RepList GuiPack SDL_DStruct, SDL_FileSys, SDL_HtmlSupport, SDL_NumIO, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Streams, SDL_Stringl, SDL_Math2
SDL_RepSBut GuiPack SDL_SDLBase
SDL_Rot3D ChartPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_RotLab GuiPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Math1
SDL_Scale ChartPack SDL_Math1, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_SDLBase BasePack SDL_UnivConst
SDL_SDLColors BasePack SDL_sdlbase
SDL_SevenSeg GuiPack SDL_sdlbase, SDL_math1, SDL_stringl
SDL_SLine MathPack none
SDL_Statis MathPack SDL_Math1, SDL_Math2, SDL_Matrix, SDL_SDLBase, SDL_UnivConst, SDL_Vector
SDL_Streams BasePack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_StringL BasePack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_univconst
SDL_ThumbNails GuiPack SDL_DStruct, SDL_SDLBase
SDL_UnivConst BasePack none
SDL_UrlLab GuiPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Stringl
SDL_Vector MathPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_Math1, SDL_UnivConst
SDL_Wavelet MathPack SDL_SDLBase, SDL_UnivConst

Last Update: 2017-Nov-28