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Declaration:property Elem [c,r: longint]: ShortString; default

The array property Elem contains the strings of the string array. The parameters c and r specify the index of the column and row to be read or written (valid range 0..NrOfColumns, and 1..NrOfRows, respectively). If c and/or r is outside the range of the string array, the array is left unchanged in case of writing to the array, or an empty string is returned when reading from the array. Please note that elements in column zero are used for special purposes of the component TReportListView, which is based on the class TStringArray.

The property Elem is the default property of TStringArray. Note that for performance reasons, the memory allocation space may be increased when overwriting an existing element of the string array. In order to minimize memory usage, the method GarbageCollection should be called.

Last Update: 2016-Aug-16