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Delphi/BCB requires PAS file


The installation was all Ok, but when I add a XYZ component on the form and I try to compile and run, I can't because the compiler seems to want XYZ.PAS (file not found XYZ.pas). I just have the DCU since I did not buy the sources. So i cannot run my application.


This problem usually arises if there is an old version of the unit in some directory of your Delphi/C++Builder search path, or the library search path does not include the new copy at all.

This is a way how to solve this problem:

1. Uninstall the component from your VCL palette.
2. Be sure that any old copies are removed from your system: use the find utility of file explorer to search all your disks for the component XYZ and delete them all (don't compromise).
3. Extract the latest files from the original distribution. Be careful not to overwrite the copies of the various Delphi/C++Builder versions.
4. Move the various files to the directories as described in the installation instructions and install it into the VCL as described there.

Just a remark: We receive a lot of mails concerning problems like this. You can be assured that troubles similar to this one are most likely not due to problems with our components. In 99.9% of all cases it turns out that the particular user did not follow exactly the installation instructions, or did not consider the library search paths. So, please, check that twice before you are contacting our hotline.

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20