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Declaration:function FindCell (FindStr: string; MatchCase: boolean; ColLow, ColHigh, RowLow, RowHigh: longint; var Col, row: longint): boolean;

The method FindCell searches for the first occurrence of a string which contains the string FindStr as a substring. The parameter MatchCase determines whether upper and lower cases are ignored (FALSE) or used (TRUE) during the search. The parameters ColLow , ColHigh , RowLow, and RowHigh define the search range. The valid range for ColRow and ColHigh is 0..NrOfColumns, for RowLow and RowHigh is 1..NrOfRows. In order to include an entire column/row into the search range, the corresponding parameters have to be set to a value of -1.

If the search is successful FindCell returns TRUE. In this case the variable parameters Col and Row contain the coordinates of the found string.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20