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Declaration:function FindCellExact (FindStr: string; MatchCase: boolean; ColLow, ColHigh, RowLow, RowHigh: longint; var Col, row: longint): boolean;

The method FindCellExact searches for the first occurrence of a string which matches the string FindStr. The parameter MatchCase determines whether upper and lower cases are ignored (FALSE) or used (TRUE) during the search. The parameters ColLow, ColHigh, RowLow, and RowHigh define the search range. The valid range for ColRow and ColHigh is 0..NrOfColumns, for RowLow and RowHigh is 1..NrOfRows. In order to include an entire column/row into the search range, the corresponding parameters have to be set to a value of -1.

If the search is successful FindCellExact returns TRUE. In this case the variable parameters Col and Row contain the coordinates of the found string.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20