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Interface of SDL_Plot3D

  defFrameCol   = clBlack;                               { default frame color }
  defBakGndCol  = clWhite;                          { default background color }
  defFillCol    = clYellow;                          { default mesh fill color }
  defMeshCol    = clBlack;                          { default mesh lines color }
  defHeight     = 500;
  defWidth      = 650;
  SDLVersionInfo = 'plot3d_r1060_full';
  IsLightEd = false;
  SDLVersionInfo = 'plot3d_r1060_lighted';
  IsLightEd = true;
  release = 1060;
  P3BoxSize = 300;  // box size in pixels of the Plot3D cube at unit magnification

  TColorCodingMode = (ccmTwoColors, ccmThreeColors, ccmColorArray);
  TP3ScaleKind = (p3skX, p3skY, p3skZ);
  TMeshKind = (mkMesh, mkWaterfallHorz, mkWaterfallVert, mkWaterfallDiag, mkGrid);
  TMouseActionEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; var CenterX, CenterY: integer;
                                 var RotXAngle, RotZAngle, Magnification: double;
                                 Shift: TShiftState) of object;
  TMouseMoveOverPlotEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; OverPlot: boolean;
                                       Shift: TShiftState; MouseCellX,
                                       MouseCellY: integer) of object;
  TBeforeRenderPolygonEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Canvas: TCanvas;
                                         var Handled: boolean; CellX,
                                         CellY: integer; quad: TQuad;
                                         var color: TColor) of object;
  Tp3BeforeDrawScaleLabelEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Canvas: TCanvas;
                                            ScaleType: Tp3ScaleKind;
                                            var CurrentTickLabel: string;
                                            ChartX, ChartY: integer) of object;
  TRenderEvent = procedure (Sender: TObject; Canvas: TCanvas) of object;
  TPlot3D = class(TCustomControl)
              CubeCorners     : array [0..7,1..3] of double;    { cube corners }
              GrafBmp         : TBitmap;          { off-screen graphics bitmap }
              FFrameCol       : TColor;                       { color of frame }
              FMouseAction    : TMouseActMode;  { type of allowed mouse action }
              FRangeLowX      : double;                { lowest x-value of box }
              FRangeHighX     : double;               { highest x-value of box }
              FRangeLowY      : double;                { lowest y-value of box }
              FRangeHighY     : double;               { highest y-value of box }
              FRangeLowZ      : double;                { lowest z-value of box }
              FRangeHighZ     : double;               { highest z-value of box }
              FColorXAx       : TColor;
              FColorYAx       : TColor;
              FColorZAx       : TColor;
              FColorCubeFrame : TColor;
              FColorCubeHidLin: TColor;
              FColorCubeFaceHi: TColor;
              FColorCubeFaceLo: TColor;
              FCaptX          : string;                     { captions of axes }
              FCaptY          : string;
              FCaptZ          : string;
              FLabDistX       : integer;          { caption distance from axis }
              FLabDistY       : integer;
              FLabDistZ       : integer;
              FDecPlaceX      : integer;             { decimal places / x-axis }
              FDecPlaceY      : integer;             { decimal places / y-axis }
              FDecPlaceZ      : integer;             { decimal places / z-axis }
              FBoundBox       : TBoundingBox;               { surrounding cube }
              FColorBakGnd    : TColor;                     { background color }
              FMeshKind       : TMeshKind;                      { type of mesh }
              FColorMesh      : TColor;                  { color of mesh lines }
              FColorFillHigh  : TColor;                   { fill color of mesh }
              FColorFillMid   : TColor;                   { fill color of mesh }
              FColorFillLow   : TColor;                   { fill color of mesh }
              FColorScaleLow  : double;          { lower border of color scale }
              FColorScaleHigh : double;          { upper border of color scale }
              FColorCodingMode: TColorCodingMode;        { color encoding mode }
              FColBlackLine   : TColor;             { colors to draw the frame }
              FColGrayLine    : TColor;                       { -"- }
              FColWhiteLine   : TColor;                       { -"- }
              FColorScheme    : TColorScheme;         { color scheme of frames }
              FFrameStyle     : TFrameStyle;                  { style of frame }
              FViewAngle      : array[1..3] of double;    { view point of data }
              FViewAngLimLow  : array[1..3] of double;  { limits of view point }
              FViewAngLimHigh : array[1..3] of double;  { limits of view point }
              FVisibleXax     : boolean;                  { visibility of axes }
              FVisibleYax     : boolean;
              FVisibleZax     : boolean;
              FMagnify        : double;             { 1 / magnification factor }
              FMagAnchor      : double;   { magnification anchor for rel. zoom }
              FMeshVisible    : boolean;{TRUE: mesh is visible using ColorMesh }
              FNTicks         : array[1..3] of integer; { number of scale ticks}
              FOnBefDrawSclLab: Tp3BeforeDrawScaleLabelEvent;
              FOnMouseAction  : TMouseActionEvent;
              FOnDataRendered : TRenderEvent;
              FOnMMvOverPlot  : TMouseMoveOverPlotEvent;
              FOnBefRndPolygon: TBeforeRenderPolygonEvent;
              FOnZoomPan      : TZoomPanEvent;
              FCalibZk        : double;
              FCalibZd        : double;
              FColorCodeAvg   : boolean;  { FALSE: color coding uses max. value,
                                            else average }
              FCentX          : integer;                     { center of chart }
              FCentY          : integer;
              FAutoCenter     : boolean;
              FCentXAnchor    : integer;
              FCentYAnchor    : integer;
              FAngleAnchor    : array[1..3] of double;
              FMinZ           : double;      { minimum and maximum data values }
              FMaxZ           : double;
              FSclXIntern     : double;            { internal scaling factor X }
              FSclYIntern     : double;            { internal scaling factor Y }
              FSclZIntern     : double;            { internal scaling factor Z }
              FSuppressPaint  : boolean;      { TRUE: suppress all paint calls }
              FRotMat         : array[1..3,1..3] of double;  { rotation matrix }
              MouseAnchorX    : integer;      { anchor for relative mouse move }
              MouseAnchorY    : integer;
              procedure AdjustScaling;
              procedure ConstructDataBmp (cv: TCanvas; BlkWhite: boolean);
              function  CalcIntZ (zvalue: double): double;
              procedure InitGraf (cv: TCanvas);
              procedure CalcRotMatrix;
              function  CalcColorCoding (value: double): TColor;
              procedure DrawAxis (cv: TCanvas; axKind: TP3ScaleKind;
                           xxLow, yyLow, xxHigh, yyHigh: integer;
                           RangeLow, RangeHigh: double; CubeIx1: integer);
              function  GetRotMat (ix, iy: integer): double;
              function  GetMagnify: double;
              procedure SetAutoCenter (value: boolean);
              procedure SetBoundBoxStyle (value: TBoundingBox);
              procedure SetCentX (value: integer);
              procedure SetCentY (value: integer);
              procedure SetCaptX (value: string);
              procedure SetCaptY (value: string);
              procedure SetCaptZ (value: string);
              procedure SetColorScheme (Value: TColorScheme);
              procedure SetColorCodingMode (Value: TColorCodingMode);
              procedure SetFrameCol (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorBakGnd (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorXax (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorYax (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorZax (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorCodeAvg (value: boolean);
              procedure SetColCubeFrame (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColCubeHidLin (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColCubeFaceLow (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColCubeFaceHigh (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorFillHigh (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorFillMid (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorFillLow (c: TColor);
              procedure SetColorMesh (c: TColor);
              function  GetColorScaleHigh: double;
              procedure SetColorScaleHigh (Level: double);
              function  GetColorScaleLow: double;
              procedure SetColorScaleLow (Level: double);
              procedure SetCubeCorners;
              procedure SetDecPlaceX (value: integer);
              procedure SetDecPlaceY (value: integer);
              procedure SetDecPlaceZ (value: integer);
              procedure SetFrameStyle (value: TFrameStyle);
              procedure SetLabDistZ (value: integer);
              procedure SetLabDistY (value: integer);
              procedure SetLabDistX (value: integer);
              procedure SetMagnify (mag: double);
              procedure SetMeshKind (meshkind: TMeshKind);
              procedure SetMeshVisible (meshvis: boolean);
              function  GetNTicksX: integer;
              function  GetNTicksY: integer;
              function  GetNTicksZ: integer;
              procedure SetNTicksX (value: integer);
              procedure SetNTicksY (value: integer);
              procedure SetNTicksZ (value: integer);
              procedure SetRangeLowZ (value: double);
              procedure SetRangeHighZ (value: double);
              procedure SetRangeLowY (value: double);
              procedure SetRangeHighY (value: double);
              procedure SetRangeLowX (value: double);
              procedure SetRangeHighX (value: double);
              procedure SetSclX (fact: double);
              procedure SetSclY (fact: double);
              procedure SetSclZ (fact: double);
              function  GetViewAngleX: double;
              function  GetViewAngleZ: double;
              procedure SetViewAngleX (value: double);
              procedure SetViewAngleZ (value: double);
              procedure SetSuppressPaint (supp: boolean);
              procedure SetVisibleXAx (value: boolean);
              procedure SetVisibleYAx (value: boolean);
              procedure SetVisibleZAx (value: boolean);
              procedure WMMouseMoveOverPlot (var Message: TWMMouse);
                           message WM_MOUSEMOVE;
              procedure GridMatChanged(Sender: TObject);
              procedure MouseMove (Shift: TShiftState; X,Y: integer); override;
              procedure MouseActionMove (var CenterX, CenterY: integer;
                           var RotXAngle, RotZAngle, Magnification: double;
                           Shift: TShiftState);
              procedure MouseMoveOverPlot (OverPlot: boolean; Shift: TShiftState;
                           MouseCellX, MouseCellY: integer);
              procedure Paint; override;
              procedure ProcessResize(Sender: TObject);
              procedure DoZoomPanEvent;
              procedure DrawCenteredText (cv: TCanvas; Caption: string;
                           PosX, PosY: integer);
              ProjMapX  : TIntMatrix;        { projection map of x coordinates }
              ProjMapY  : TIntMatrix;        { projection map of y coordinates }
              ProjMapZ  : TIntMatrix;            { projection map for z buffer }
              GridMat   : TMatrix;               { grid of estimated 3D points }
              IsoColors : TColorArray;
              constructor Create(AOwner: TComponent); override;
              destructor Destroy; override;
                                                      { various basic routines }
              procedure AutoScale;
              procedure Clear;
              procedure CopyToBMP (FName: string; IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure CopyToClipboard (IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure CopyToWMF (FName: string; IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure CopyToClipboardWMF (IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure DrawOnForeignCanvas (cv: TCanvas);
              procedure PrintIt (ScaleF: double; BlkWhite, IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure CopyToOpenPrinter (var x,y: integer; ScaleF: double;
                           BlkWhite, IncludeFrame: boolean);
              procedure Reset;
              property  RotMat [ix,iy: integer]: double read GetRotMat;
              procedure SetRange (xLow, xHigh, yLow, yHigh, zLow, zHigh: double);
              procedure SetViewAngles (vax, vaz: double);
              property  SuppressPaint: boolean
                           read FSuppressPaint write SetSuppressPaint;
              property Align;
              property AutoCenter: boolean read FAutoCenter write SetAutoCenter;
              property Visible;
              property ShowHint;
              property PopupMenu;
              property ParentShowHint;
              property BoundBoxStyle: TBoundingBox
                          read FBoundBox write SetBoundboxStyle;
              property CaptionX: string read FCaptX write SetCaptX;
              property CaptionY: string read FCaptY write SetCaptY;
              property CaptionZ: string read FCaptZ write SetCaptZ;
              property CentX: integer read FCentX write SetCentX;
              property CentY: integer read FCentY write SetCentY;
              property ColorFrame: TColor
                          read FFrameCol write SetFrameCol default DefFrameCol;
              property ColorBakGnd: TColor read FColorBakGnd write SetColorBakGnd;
              property ColorCodeAvg: boolean
                          read FColorCodeAvg write SetColorCodeAvg;
              property ColorCubeFrame: TColor
                          read FColorCubeFrame write setColCubeFrame;
              property ColorCubeHidLin: TColor
                          read FColorCubeHidLin write SetColCubeHidLin;
              property ColorCubeFaceLow: TColor
                          read FColorCubeFaceLo write SetColCubeFaceLow;
              property ColorCubeFaceHigh: TColor
                          read FColorCubeFaceHi write SetColCubeFaceHigh;
              property ColorXCoords: TColor read FColorXax write SetColorXax;
              property ColorYCoords: TColor read FColorYax write SetColorYax;
              property ColorZCoords: TColor read FColorZax write SetColorZax;
              property ColorMesh: TColor read FColorMesh write SetColorMesh;
              property ColorHigh: TColor read FColorFillHigh write SetColorFillHigh;
              property ColorMid: TColor read FColorFillMid write SetColorFillMid;
              property ColorLow: TColor read FColorFillLow write SetColorFillLow;
              property ColorScaleHigh: double
                          read GetColorScaleHigh write SetColorScaleHigh;
              property ColorScaleLow: double
                          read GetColorScaleLow write SetColorScaleLow;
              property ColorCodingMode: TColorCodingMode
                          read FColorCodingMode write SetColorCodingMode;
              property ColorScheme: TColorScheme
                          read FColorScheme write SetColorScheme;
              property DecPlaceX: integer read FDecPlaceX write SetDecPlaceX;
              property DecPlaceY: integer read FDecPlaceY write SetDecPlaceY;
              property DecPlaceZ: integer read FDecPlaceZ write SetDecPlaceZ;
              property FrameStyle: TFrameStyle read FFrameStyle write SetFrameStyle;
              property LabDistX: integer read FLabDistX write SetLabDistX;
              property LabDistY: integer read FLabDistY write SetLabDistY;
              property LabDistZ: integer read FLabDistZ write SetLabDistZ;
              property MeshVisible: boolean read FMeshVisible write SetMeshVisible;
              property MeshKind: TMeshKind read FMeshKind write SetMeshKind;
              property Magnification: double read GetMagnify write SetMagnify;
              property MouseAction: TMouseActMode
                          read FMouseAction write FMouseAction;
              property MinTickX: integer read GetNTicksX write SetNTicksX;
              property MinTickY: integer read GetNTicksY write SetNTicksY;
              property MinTickZ: integer read GetNTicksZ write SetNTicksZ;
              property RangeXLow: double read FRangeLowX write SetRangeLowX;
              property RangeYLow: double read FRangeLowY write SetRangeLowY;
              property RangeZLow: double read FRangeLowZ write SetRangeLowZ;
              property RangeXHigh: double read FRangeHighX write SetRangeHighX;
              property RangeYHigh: double read FRangeHighY write SetRangeHighY;
              property RangeZHigh: double read FRangeHighZ write SetRangeHighZ;
              property ScaleFactX: double read FSclXIntern write SetSclX;
              property ScaleFactY: double read FSclYIntern write SetSclY;
              property ScaleFactZ: double read FSclZIntern write SetSclZ;
              property StyleElements;
              property ViewAngleX: double read GetViewAngleX write SetViewAngleX;
              property ViewAngleZ: double read GetViewAngleZ write SetViewAngleZ;
              property VisibleXCoords: boolean read FVisibleXax write SetVisibleXax;
              property VisibleYCoords: boolean read FVisibleYax write SetVisibleYax;
              property VisibleZCoords: boolean read FVisibleZax write SetVisibleZax;
              property OnDataRendered: TRenderEvent
                          read FOnDataRendered write FOnDataRendered;
              property OnMouseAction: TMouseActionEvent
                          read FOnMouseAction write FOnMouseAction;
              property OnClick;
              property OnDblClick;
              property OnBeforeRenderPolygon: TBeforeRenderPolygonEvent
                          read FOnBefRndPolygon write FOnBefRndPolygon;
              property OnBeforeDrawScaleLabel: Tp3BeforeDrawScaleLabelEvent
                          read FOnBefDrawSclLab write FOnBefDrawSclLab;
              property OnMouseMove;
              property OnMouseDown;
              property OnMouseUp;
              property OnMouseMoveOverPlot: TMouseMoveOverPlotEvent
                          read FOnMMvOverPlot write FOnMMvOverPlot;
              property OnMouseWheel;
              property OnMouseWheelUp;
              property OnMouseWheelDown;
              property OnZoomPan: TZoomPanEvent
                          read FOnZoomPan write FOnZoomPan;
              property OnKeyPress;
              property OnKeyDown;
              property OnKeyUp;

Last Update: 2012-Okt-20