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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TContourPlot
Declaration: MaskPalette: TColorArray;

The property MaskPalette controls the colors used for rendering the pivotal mask. By default, the MaskPalette array has a size of 255 colors; the first 16 colors (indices 1 to 16) are the standard VGA colors, the rest of the array (indices 17 to 255) contains a smoothly interpolated array of colors from darkblue over green, red, and yellow to white. Please note that the last value of the color palette is never used, since a mask value of 255 causes an inverted region (see also the description of the array property Mask).

The MaskPalette array may be filled and changed by the properties and methods of the class TColorArray. Please note that the size of the MaskPalette must not be changed.

Last Update: 2016-May-10