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Unit: SDL_rchart
Class: TContourPlot
Declaration: function PercentilePivots (prob: double): double;

The function PercentilePivots returns the z value at the percentile prob of all pivot points. The valid range of prob is 0 to 100. PercentilePivots should be called only after recalculating the pivot points (CalculatePivotPoints) or after a complete redraw of the contour plot (i.e. after calling the method DrawPlot), otherwise the results may be wrong.

Hint: PercentilePivots can be used to setup the color scale of the contour plot in a way that it matches the greater part of the z values of the contour plot while ignoring outliers. For example, the following code sets the color scale in a way that the middle 96% of all z values are covered by the color scale:
  perclow   : double;
  perchigh  : double;
perclow := MyCPlot.PercentilePivots (2);
perchigh := MyCPlot.PercentilePivots (98);
MyCPlot.SetIsoParams (perclow, perchigh, (perchigh-perclow)/10);

Last Update: 2014-Sep-14