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Class: none
TLandMark = record
              Latitude   : double;
              Longitude  : double;
              Altitude   : double;
              ClassFlag  : byte;
              Tag        : longint;
              SymbolProps: TSymbolProperties;
              Caption    : TLMTextProperties;
              Identifier : TLMIdentifier;
              Time       : TDateTime;

The type definition TLandMark specifies the structure of a landmark (a mark in the map indicating some special location). The parameters Latitude and Longitude contain the coordinates of the landmark, the parameter Altitude the elevation of the location. The parameter ClassFlag may assume values between 0 and 255 and can be used to group related landmarks. The visibility of landmarks can be controlled group-wise (see property LMClassVisible).

The parameter Tag can be used to specify an arbitrary integer value, which can be used by the programmer for his own purposes. Tag is not used by TGeoMap. The parameter SymbolProps specifies the visual appearance of the symbol, see TSymbolProperties for details. The parameter Caption allows to draw a text along with the symbol, see TLMTextProperties for details.

The parameter Identifier contains a string of max. 15 characters which can be used to identify the landmark. The parameter Time contains the time stamp of the landmark.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20