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Class: none
Declaration: TLandMarkElement = (lmPlus, lmSquare, lmTriangle, lmCircle, lmArrowFrom, lmArrowTo, lmCrossBox, lmSpade, lmCross, lmUserDef);

TLandMarkElement declares the kinds of landmarks available in a map.

lmPlus plus sign through the reference point
lmSquare square with ref. point at center
lmTriangle triangle with ref. point at center
lmCircle circle with ref. point at center
lmArrowFrom arrow from the reference point
lmArrowTo arrow to the reference point
lmCrossBox crossed box
lmSpade spade with reference point in center
lmCross cross through the reference point
lmUserDef user defined landmark

Hint: Please note that user defined landmarks (lmUserDef) are never drawn by TGeoMap. The user has to draw the landmark herself in the event handler of the event OnDrawLandmark.

Last Update: 2014-Sep-08