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TpcCrossHair = class (TPersistent)
  ... (removed for brevity)
  procedure Changed;
  procedure SetPosition (Rad, Phi: double);
  property Color: TColor;
  property LineType: TPenStyle;
  property LineWid: integer;
  property Mode: TpcCrossHMode;
  property PosPhi: double;
  property PosRad: double;
  property OnChange: TNotifyEvent;

The TpcCrossHair class has been declared to provide convenient access to layout parameters of the crosshairs within the object inspector. TpcCrossHair defines the form and layout of a crosshair and contains the following sub-properties:

PosRad: double; Radial position.
PosPhi: double; Angular position.
Color: TColor; Color of the crosshair.
Mode: TpcCrossHMode; Defines the layout of the crosshair (chOff... crosshair is switched off, chOrtho... orthogonal lines, chPolar... polar crosshair consisting of circle and radial line)
LineType: TPenStyle; Pen style for crosshair. LineType may assume one of the following values: psSolid (solid line), psDot (dotted line), psDash (dashed line), psDashDot (dash-dot combinations), psDashDotDot (series of dash-dot-dot combinations). Note that the LineType will be effective only if LineWid is set to 1
LineWid: integer; Line width of the crosshair. Note that lines broader than 1 pixel will always be drawn as solid line, even if LineType is set to some other value.
OnChange: TNotifyEvent; Event triggered when any parameter of the crosshair is changed.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20