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Class: none
TRDCharMatrix = record
                  FontWidth    : integer;
                  FontHeight   : integer;
                  LeftMostBit  : array [0..255] of byte;
                  RightMostBit : array [0..255] of byte;
                  BitData      : array [0..255,0..31] of longint;

The type declaration TRDCharMatrix declares the central data structure for holding the dot matrix data of the current character set.

A character set contains a maximum of 256 characters. Each character has to be specified within a 32x32 pixel bitmap. The elements of the TRDCharMatrix record are defined as follows:

FontWidth Width of the font in pixels, i.e. the number of horizontal pixels required to render the broadest character
FontHeight Height of the font in pixels
LeftMostBit Indexes of the left most non-zero bits of all 256 characters.
RightMostBit Indexes of the right most non-zero bits of all 256 characters.
BitData Bit data of all 256 characters.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20