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The class TVector offers some of the more important operations for processing vectors. It hides all stuff dealing with array addressing and memory management. Thus, the user may fully concentrate on his/her work with vectors.

Note: TVector is not a package for vector analysis. It is just a class which supports the handling of multidimensional data ('vectors') - although some common procedures of fundamental vector analysis are included.

The class TVector offers the following routines: filling of vectors, copying of vectors, addition and subtraction of vectors, vector multiplication (scalar and dot product), normalization of vectors, determination of minimum and maximum values, calculation of mean values, variance and other statistical parameters of the vector elements.

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The unit SDL_vector is part of the SDL Component Suite which is comprised of a considerable amount of routines and classes for computing in science and engineering. The Component Suite is available for Delphi and C++Builder. See the order information for more details.

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