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Class: TGeoMap
Declaration: procedure WriteLandmarksToOpenXMLFile (var OutFile : TextFile; CreateHeader: boolean; DataID: string);

The method WriteLandmarksToOpenXMLFile writes the current landmarks to the open text file OutFile using XML syntax. If the parameter CreateHeader is TRUE a minimum XML header is generated. CreateHeader should be set to a FALSE value if the landmark data is to be appended to an existing XML file. The parameter DataID holds a unique identifier which is stored as the attribute "id " of the <gmlandmarks> tag.

WriteLandmarksToOpenXMLFile generates the following tags:

XML Tag Description
<gmlandmarks> the root element of the landmark data. It contains the following attributes:

sig       signature; is always "SDLCSuite"
vers     version string
id         name of geomap instance as defined by the parameter DataID


<gmlandmarks sig="SDLCSuite" vers="1.0" id="mymap">
<landmark /> parameters of a landmark. Note that <landmark /> is an empty tag - the information is contained in its attributes:

lat             latitude of the landmark position
long           longitude of the landmark position
alti           altitude of the landmark
class         class (group) number of the landmark
usertag     user defined tag
colorfg     foreground color
colorbg     background color
size           size of the landmark
transp       transparency
element     type of landmark element
dir             direction of the landmark (triangle and arrows only)
leng           length of arrow
id               landmark identifier
date           associated time and date
captext     text of caption
capsize     font size of caption
capfnm       name of font used for the caption
capfst       font style
capfgcol   text color
capbgcol   background color of the caption
captransp TRUE: caption is transparent
capdir       direction of the caption text in degrees (0..360, 0 is horizontal, 90 is upwards)
capdx         horizontal offset between landmark location and reference point of the caption
capdy         vertical offset between landmark location and reference point of the caption
caphal       horizontal alignment
capval       vertical alignment


<landmark lat="48" long="10" alti="88" class="0" usertag="0"
colorfg="00FF0000" colorbg="00FFFFFF" size="7" transp="FALSE"
element="Cross" dir="0" leng="10" id="" date="18991230000000"
captext="Landmark 1" capsize="10" capfnm="Arial" capfst="0100"
capfgcol="000000FF" capbgcol="00FFFFFF" captransp="FALSE"
capdir="0" capdx="0" capdy="10" caphal="2" capval="0" />

Hint: For a sample XML file, see the description of the method SaveLandmarks.

Last Update: 2012-Oct-20