RandGen - Configurable Random Generator

The configurable random generator RandGen returns random numbers of a predefined distribution. The user may define the shape of the probability distribution as well as the range of the random numbers. The shape of the probability distribution function is defined by a series of reference points. RandGen is based on the Delphi™ class TRandGen, which is contained in the unit MATH1.


The figure to the right shows the result of 20000 calls to Random with a bimodal distribution defined by 500 reference points. The returned random numbers are indicated by the gray histogram. The blue line shows the underlying probability distribution.

In order to have a look at the user interface of RandGen, please click here (GIF-file 16 kByte).

RandGen is freeware as long as you use it only for private or educational purposes. It is provided on an as is basis. You may freely distribute RandGen provided you don't change the copyright message of the author and you don't earn any money with it. In case you want to include RandGen as a component in a commercial product, please contact the author. It is delivered together with a help file, the Delphi™ sources of it (but not including the used components), and some auxiliary files.

In order to download the random generator, please click on one of the entries below:

  • 16-bit version (for Delphi™ 1.0) RNDGEN16.ZIP (Vers. 1.0, 278670 bytes)
  • 32-bit version (for Delphi™ 2.0) RNDGEN32.ZIP (Vers. 1.0, 317968 bytes)