SDL Component Suite - RepSBut
The unit RepSBut contains the Delphi / C++ Builder visual component TRepSpeedButton which implements a speed button capable of delivering automatic repeated clicks. The component triggers click events in regular intervals as long as the button is down. Both the time of the initial period before the first automatic click occurs and the interval between the clicks can be set by the user. The unit RepSBut is part of the GuiPack. For more details please visit the online help pages.

Free Sample Program

RepSBut This sample application shows the capabilities of the component TRepSpeedButton. The user may experiment with both the initial period and the interval between the clicks. The sample program also shows the difference between the OnClick and the OnRepeatClick event.
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What's new:

  • Release 10.7   [Aug-24, 2020]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.6   [Mar-09, 2018]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.5   [Oct-10, 2016]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.4   [Jun-02, 2015]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.3   [Oct-06, 2014]
    • none

  • Release 10.2   [May-30, 2013]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.1   [Oct-29, 2012]
    • no changes

  • Release 10.0   [Oct-4, 2011]
    • first release to the public as part of the SDL GuiPack;