SDL Delphi Component Suite

Free Light Edition!
New Release 12.0

The SDL Component Suite is an industry leading collection of components supporting scientific and engineering computing. The entire suite consists of about 50 units covering a wide range of requirements in science and engineering. The component suite is available both for Delphi™ and for C++Builder™.

Plot Your Data in 3D RChart - Scientific Diagrams Rotate Your Data in 3D Statistics
Fast Fourier Transform VU Meter Polar Diagrams Math/Curve Fitting


Some highlights:
  • 240000+ lines of native Pascal source code
  • free Light Edition - ideal for education and small software projects
  • unique combination of scientific algorithms with technical graphing capabilities
  • about 80 application examples can be used as a starting point for your own programs
  • unlimited updates (Standard Plus and Professional Edition)
  • comprehensive help file (over 5000 pages, 400+ figures)
  • no royalties for your compiled products - see license agreement
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The following keywords cover only part of the SDL Component Suite and are intended to give you a quick impression of its power. For more details please see the help files:

3D rotation of data, 3D plot of data, associative arrays, atlas, atomic symbols, beta function, box plots, button, calibrated scanned images, CAS registry number, charts, checkbox, color conversion, color selection, complex numbers, constants and conversion factors, contour plots, convex hull, CPU speed measurement, chemical structures, chemical data, chemical formulas, chi-square distribution, clustering, conversion routines, curve fitting, database of geographic data, datatable structure, determinant of a matrix, dendrograms, diagrams, directories, distributions, dot matrix labels, eigenvectors, F-distribution, FFT (fast Fourier transform), FIFO, box plots, file and disk access, gamma function, gauge, geographic atlas, geographic maps, gradient fill, grep, higher mathematics, HTML-based label, HTML entities, isotopes, Kohonen neural network, KNN (k-nearest neighbors), labels activating the Web browser, list view, maps, mathematical expression parsing, matrices, measurement data, meter display, MLR (multiple linear regression), molecular formulas, neural network, normal distribution, numeric input, numerical labels, numerical table editor, open arrays, periodic table of elements, polar diagrams, PCA (principal component analysis), progress bars, quantiles of distributions, radio buttons, random generators, regression, RLE (run length encoding), rotatable labels, rotation of data, scales, scientific chart, scrollable displays, seven-segment display, slides, Smith chart, smoothing, splines, SOM, sorting of arrays, spread sheet, statistics, straight lines, streams, string array, string handling, surface plot of data, SVD (sigular value decomposition), symbol selector, t-distribution, t-test, text tables, thumbnail images, universal save dialog, unique processor ID, valence electrons, wavelets, vectors, visualisation of data, VU meter

For a quick first impression, just have a look at the online help file or try the sample applications.

The SDL Component Suite is available as various packages which can be purchased separately: