Request for Component Suite Updates
How to obtain the latest updates of the SDL Component Suite

The general procedure for obtaining free updates (as well as for a first time delivery) is as follows: updates can be downloaded from our update server after identifying yourself as a valid customer.

In order to obtain the updates of purchased components you need to have the following items at hand:

  • the User ID, and
  • the Password as supplied by us when you purchased components from us

Click here
to download your registered copy.

Please note that all accesses to the SDL Update Server are logged by recording the user id, the password, the caller id, and the IP number of your computer. If you don't agree with this policy, do not download any free updates. As an alternative to the free automatic updates you may obtain updates delivered to you by email, or by air mail (CDROM). However, we will charge Euro 15 (email), or Euro 25 (CDROM) for this service (per request).

In case of any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us.