Electronic Books
Electronic Books play an increasingly important role in education. While there are zillions of electronic texts available on the Internet, most of these texts are based on plain and simple HTML, therefore lacking many of the benefits computers can offer for teaching and learning.

Here the electronic books of H. Lohninger et al. come into play: these books offer a lot of additional functionality, from full text indexes to interactive examples, from embedded simulation software to .... This additional functionality aims to integrate computer technology with conventional printed books, creating a unique symbiosis of the "learning by doing" approach for the beginner and professional dictionary functionality for the experienced user.

In 2001 one of these electronic volumes has been awarded the renowned German award "digita 2001" for educational software. This award has been sponsored by the federal ministry of education of the FRG.

A note to our English speaking customers: some of these electronic volumes are available in German language only. In fact, currently only the books Teach/Me - Data Analysis and A Trip Into Space are available in English.